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From Artist to Artpreneur

Nowadays, you can freely shape and finance your life with almost any activity. Nevertheless, the myth strongly persists that art is and should be intangible to humanity and therefore rather…
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The Path to Art

You go your own way as an artist. Are you supported by your family, partner and friends? You will feel it.
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Giving up will not accelerate anything

Not everything we tackle, always works right away. Sometimes we are forced to use more strength, more patience and understanding, more time, more love or more financial resources …
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Success rules for artists

For a real success as an artist, not only talent, enthusiasm and passion play an important role, but also many other very important aspects. But which are they?
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7 Hobbies for Artists

As artists, there are no regular working hours for many of us. In our heads it works incessantly, unstoppable, we are producing images, texts, stories and solutions. This makes it…
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7 artist-myths that stubbornly persist

Existing art & artist myths sometimes push me to my limits as a mentor because they have become so ingrained in people’s minds and are incredibly persistent. It seems all…
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What is success?

When I ask artists what the goals are, I frequently get the answer, “I’d like to be successful with my art.” Yes, but what does that mean exactly?
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5 Phrases you may overhear as an artist

Many people believe that they need to give others important advice or guidance all the time. But the line between constructive assistance and inappropriate remarks is not infrequently small.
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What is your why?

We have just regained our strength and already the news are full of messages we can’t (and don’t want to) use. Quite a few artists are already losing heart again…
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Franziska Sevik

Hey, welcome to my blog. I am Franziska. Nice that you are here, because here art & culture becomes visible. With tips & tricks on sales, marketing & entrepreneurship, exclusively for artists & artpreneurs.

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