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Dwell time – Why it’s important for your art

Franziska Sevik erklärt "Verweildauer - Warum sie wichtig für Deine Kunst ist"

How much interest the public really is in your art.

Do you know how long your audience is interested in your art?

The new post in the blog of marketing expert Franziska Sevik. The presentation of your art has begun, but one by one the audience is leaving.

Wouldn’t that be a disaster?

What would you do then?
Of course, you’d immediately want to know why this is happening and start tweaking for all you’re worth so it doesn’t happen again.

But do you do the same for your online stage? Or is the presentation on the online stage less important to you?
But again, dwell time – also called “dwell time” is very important and one of the ranking factors of your online stage.

When your viewers & art lovers stay longer on your website, it means to the search engines that the content is very informative and engaging for the visitors, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

A longer time spent on your website is a positive sign for the search engines and they start displaying your web pages at higher places. For you as an artist this is very important, because a better ranking means more visitors for your art.

Therefore keep in mind;
the longer a website visit lasts, the better. We online marketing experts orient ourselves to a mean value of the dwell time of 3 minutes.

How long do your visitors stay on your online stage?

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Give your art your face!

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