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What is success?

When I ask artists what the goals are, I frequently get the answer, “I’d like to be successful with my art.” Yes, but what does that mean exactly?

Is it enough if the people are interested in your art? Is it enough if people applaud your work and you get a standing ovation? Or do you only call yourself successful when you can live from the income from your art? And at what point would you not be successful? And what do you call it then? As a failure?

Questions about questions!

So we realize there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of success. Every art is individual and also every artist with his activities is to be considered individually. Success could therefore be seen as more personal and a matter of one’s own perspective. But, I don’t want to make it quite that easy for us. Because that way we don’t get one step closer to the real answer. So let’s take a look at the word:

success (noun) = occur (verb) = (as a result of something) happen, occur.

After all, isn’t it true that every action, whether we do it consciously, unconsciously, or possibly not at all, leads to a result? This, in turn, would then be quite logical to follow.

So we realize that in everything we do, we can only ever succeed! There is nothing else at all.

So come now into conscious DOING.

You will be amazed at what can come out! 😉

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Give your art a face!

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