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From Artist to Artpreneur

Nowadays, you can freely shape and finance your life with almost any activity. Nevertheless, the myth strongly persists that art is and should be intangible to humanity and therefore rather financially unprofitable.

Is that so?
Sorry, I’m not going down that path!

Especially in the current times, we need art (no matter what kind) more than ever. Art inspires, supports, encourages and teaches! It provides important services to mankind and it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it.

As an artist, not only should you expect a reasonable price for your service, if you run it professionally, you should charge it. Because only with such, you are able to develop and expand your inspiration, your support, your promotion and your teaching to the people.

As an artist, it’s your damn duty to get behind your thoughts, feelings, perspectives, messages and work and claim what’s rightfully yours in terms of creativity and work. And it’s much easier than you think.


Activate your entrepreneurial skills and you’ll see your world change. Your art will then change everyone else’s world.

The community of artpreneurs

Are you looking for a community that is your equal, with whom you can find the right exchange and transform yourself in a strengthened way?

Then become a member of the Artpreneur Club now.

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Give your art a face!

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