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At the beginning, there is always the decision

What am I going to wear today? …
What do I eat for breakfast? …
Do I accept the invitation to dinner? ….

Every day we are faced with thousands of decisions. Most of them we make unconsciously, others we put off for a long time. Of all things, we find it particularly difficult to make decisions that are about our own development and growth. Not infrequently, the reason lies in the investments we have to make up front in order to really move forward.

But this is exactly the crux of the matter; decisions that hurt us because they cost us a lot of energy, time and also money are exactly the ones that shape us the most and show us the right way at the end of the day!

Even in our work as artists, we have to make decisions every day that challenge us. We won’t get anywhere if we wait and think again, then again, and then another time. If you want to generate long-term success, recognition and financial security, you can’t avoid facing them quickly & without hesitation.

4 small decision tips for success, recognition & financial security:

1. Be aware of your step

Make decisions independent of other influences. Don’t compromise just because you expect short-term success. Compromises distract from the right path!

2. The change of perspective

Step back a bit and change the perspective of your decision. What are the opportunities & consequences associated with your decision?

3. do not look for the “right decision”!

There is no such thing as the right decision! That would mean that all other decisions are wrong. But this is not correct! The “right decision” for you is always the one that is right for you “now” and feels good.

4. Question not for decision support

4. Do not ask for decision support My experience has shown that these are not helpful. Neither parents, friends nor acquaintances are in your shoes, living your life or have the same goals as you. Take responsibility and decide for yourself!

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Give your art a face!

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