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3 Steps to direct the light on you & your art

Sometimes we do things without really questioning them.

But if you want to have serious success with your art and achieve commissions & sales with it, it is important that you not only simply put yourself on a stage, but also properly illuminate the light for you AND also for your audience.

The 3 most important light settings for your online stage

1. Find your “WHY”

What is your why? Have you ever thought about why you do what you do? What is the purpose, what do you actually want to achieve with it? What is your message? What you want to get out into the world?

2. find your “How”

What is your “How”? How do you do exactly what you do? Do these steps make sense and serve a purpose for you? Are your steps also comprehensible for your audience? Does your audience identify with your message?

3. find your “WHAT”

What is your “what”? What exactly do you do to transport your “why” and “how” to the outside world? Do you reach your audience with your “what”? Does your audience find themselves in your “what”?

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Give your art a face!

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