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Let`s talk about “Overthinking”

We all know these situations; we want to achieve, do or have something. The next step is known, but there are now two paths to choose from.


Uncertainty arises… The decision could possibly turn out to be a mistake, and so a third way is quickly conjured out of the hat.

“I need time. I’ll have to rethink this.

However… A quick decision does not mean making a mistake right away!

And anyway: What actually is a mistake? A mistake is nothing more than an indication that something crucial was missing at the right moment. So we can always make up for a mistake!


… means making an analysis of the things that could all go wrong. The more you think about it, the more ideas will come to mind. And nothing happens in the end.

Remember! You didn’t learn to walk as a child because you had to “overthink” everything first.

You learned to walk; because you didn’t think while you fell down now & then!

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