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What is your why?

We have just regained our strength, and again the news are full of messages we can’t (and don’t want to) use. Quite a few are losing already her heart again and start to doubt on their new planned art projects, postponing them or abandoning them altogether.

But remember, after every rain comes the sun again, and it will be the same this time.

Remember: You didn’t discover your talent in a day, but worked and honed your art, skills and interpretations for a long time. You started over and over again, trying different things to perfect your desired result for yourself.

So for this very reason, remind yourself daily WHY you chose your path, what exactly your motivations and your goals were and still are.

Always keep your WHY in mind and especially in your heart!

New paths always open up that didn’t exist before, that you hadn’t seen before – and nothing and no one – will ever be able to slow you down or stop you!

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Give your art a face!

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