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As an Artist to more visibility

Do you also keep asking yourself how you can finally become more visible to your audience with your art? Then I can reassure you, because I have a solution for you. With the right positioning of your art on your online stage, you’ll finally achieve more sustainable visibility for your target audience.

In 3 steps to more visibility

Step 1: Align your focus

  • Decide on your art – theme
  • Analyze your desire (goal) – audience
  • Define your branding

Run, don’t look back!

Step 2: Create impressive content

  • Control all backstage ways to reach your online stage
  • Produce impressive image content of your art
  • Produce engaging & meaningful video content of your art
  • Create texts about your art that cause interactions.
  • Place the content in such a way that algorithms react positively to it.

Step 3: Continuously increase your reach

  • Create your own art – Community
  • Turn your audience into loyal fans & buyers
  • Focus on organic growth
  • Correct your follow light at intervals

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Give your art a face!

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