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Into the spotlight with the right marketing choreography.

Do you want to bring yourself as an artist, as well as your art independent and successful in the spotlight, but do not know how? Then I have just the thing for you:

8 marketing choreographies for online stage presentations for artists

#1 – Website – Marketing Choreography

Of course, every artist needs an online stage these days. But to create a website as a creative and then to get found by your art offer by the potential customers, interested parties or art lovers is unfortunately not enough. Any online stage and everything related to it needs continuous optimization so that not only better visibility is created, but also orders, bookings and sales are regenerated through it.

#2 – Social media marketing choreography

Social media marketing is an important marketing choreography for artists with online presence. It includes several actions, steps, and combinations of steps within social media that can help the art or the particular art company achieve its goals. The right choreography in social media marketing will create greater reach through sophisticated concepts, attract and retain potential art lovers, generate sales of art products, and provide repetitive standing ovations.

#3 – Blog Marketing Choreography

The choreography of blog marketing uses specific opportunities of a blog for strengthening online visibility and that of the artist’s reputation. Specifically selected step combinations consisting of unique content focus on indirect marketing of the art with a focus on exclusive information.

#4 – Newsletter Marketing Choreography

Newsletter marketing offers a good opportunity to attract the attention of art lovers in a very targeted way. It is considered one of the most effective online stage choreographies to showcase artists or their art business, with their talents, art offerings and messages targeted.

#5 – Email – Marketing Choreography

An email is also one of the most used and effective communication channels for artists. Thus, the email marketing choreography offers perfectly coordinated step combinations to intensify the interest of potential cooperation partners and art lovers and to highlight and present art offers. The e-mail is used to create direct connections between the artist, his art and the recipients, as well as to use the framework to communicate up-to-date information.

#6 – Search engine optimization choreography

The choreography of search engine optimization (abbreviated SEO) includes techniques and strategies to increase the positioning of an online stage and website of an artist and his art on certain search terms (keywords) in a search engine such as Google. This involves optimizing content on the website, as well as making technical improvements to continuously improve the current indexing.

#7 – Audience relations

A loyal, returning audience is extremely important for artists. Therefore, choreographies for positive audience relations are one of the most important step combinations in a creative’s marketing. Psychology is one of the important combinations of steps in understanding the human mind and building, triggering and, above all, retaining positive emotions. An elaborated concept of the important principles that have been proven to help build close relationship with prospects art is therefore existential.

#8 – Art sale

Contrary to the myth that artists don’t need sales skills, however, they are necessary for achieving a goal. After all, every artist lives on a certain exchange, which is offered his talent, expertise or even his art products. The best thing about today’s technology is that an artist’s art can be sold far beyond the borders of a city, a country, or even a continent, without the artist having to leave his or her residence immediately for each and every performance, presentation, negotiation, or sale! The choreography of an online art sale is complex and time-consuming, but nowadays it is an absolutely worthwhile strategy for every artist, regardless of the field of art.

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Give your art a face!

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