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Online-Marketing? Only for unsuccessful artists!

Online-Marketing? – Then everyone will think I’m unsuccessful!

Again and again I get these or similar statements in relation to marketing & art. Almost one in three creatives actually seems to believe that online marketing by artists is an admission of an unsuccessful creative existence.

But how does one come up with such thoughts?

Based on my life’s journey and my own experiences as an artist, I come to the following possible reasons for how these perceptions came about:

  1. Traditional notions of art: In the past, artistic success and recognition were often associated with the traditional model of the art world, in which artists were discovered and promoted through galleries, agents or publishers. The idea that artists can market their work independently via the internet is seen as a departure from this traditional model.
  2. Stigmatisation of the commercial: Some artists see marketing as something commercial and may believe that marketing their work could compromise their artistic integrity. They fear that this will make their art too closely aligned with the market and lose value.
  3. Lack of understanding or uncertainty: Some artists may not have sufficient knowledge or experience of online marketing and therefore see it as something unknown or complicated. This creates the assumption that online marketing is only relevant for artists who have difficulty succeeding in the traditional way.

However, due to my many years of working with artists & cultural businesses, it is always important for me to emphasise that these assumptions do not correspond to reality!

Online marketing offers artists a multitude of opportunities to advance their careers, reach a wider audience and realise their creative vision. It is definitely an effective tool to showcase your work, interact with fans and reach potential partners & clients.

The use of the internet and social media is now an essential part of general marketing strategies in many industries, including arts and culture.

It is therefore appropriate that artists finally break away from the prejudices against online marketing and recognise the opportunities it offers. Through a strategic and authentic use of online marketing, artists can increase their reach and success, regardless of their current position in the creative industry.

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