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7 Hobbies for Artists

As artists, there are no regular working hours for many of us. We are the first to get up in the morning and the last to close our eyes at night. We always observe our environment attentively and perceive more details than other people. In our heads it works incessantly, unstoppable, we are producing images, texts, stories and solutions.

This makes it more important for us artists to consciously switch off and relax. But that sometimes seems easier said than done.

For my part, I have found a good solution for me. A solution with which I connect my work, my favorite activities and my leisure activities. I do this by simply combining them and combining the balance with my hobbies. This works great, because hobbies are also much more than just passing time. They also shape us and make us the person we really are.

All you need are 7 hobbies:

  • 1. A hobby with which you earn your money.
  • 2. A hobby that stimulates your creativity.
  • 3. A hobby to consolidate your mindset.
  • 4. A hobby to expand your knowledge.
  • 5. A hobby that keeps you physically fit.
  • 6. A hobby that continuously supports your healthy diet.
  • 7. A hobby that allows you to continuously interact with your community.

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Give your art a face!

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