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True success with art

Every artist knows that feeling that success sometimes seems completely out of reach. We all know the stories of famous artists who have spent parts of their lives without their work being recognized or appreciated.

This does not mean that as an artist you are relegated to a life of obscurity, suffering hunger and hardship all your life and never achieving success. Because in the world of art, success doesn’t always mean being a celebrity, walking red carpets, generating stadiums of spectators and audiences, or exhibiting one’s work in the world’s top galleries.

There are many other ways to build financial security and valuable recognition from creative works. For example, freelance creative work can be strongly supportive, running art & creative teaching classes can supplement income sustainably without having to rely entirely on the fame and hype on the outside from other people.

Books, artwork, art prints, and songs can now be sold online, even appealing to a much wider audience and even generating an international following.

No matter what path you choose to take with your art, always remember that success is not always about being in the spotlight. You don’t have to be a hyped, world-famous artist to make a good living from your art.

However, if you are open to all possibilities in life, you will find thousands of facets to make your craft and art available to others.

If the financial rain is a bit slow, remember that this condition is not a measure of the value of your art. Your art is already successful when the viewer, reader or listener can resonate with it, feel joy, love, sorrow or even sadness. As long as your art changes someone’s perception, even if sometimes only for a short period of time, then you are already successful.

In short, while it may be enjoyable to entertain the idea of walking down red carpets and being in the glare of the press, it is not necessary for actual artistic success. So don’t be discouraged if your art doesn’t make headlines, there are many other paths to success. All it takes is figuring out what works best for you personally, identifying with it, and making it happen.

Give a face to your art.

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