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7 good reasons to have your own artist website

I hear the same phrases almost every day.

“I don’t need a website, I’m registered on an artist platform. Hopefully a job/assignment will trickle in from there soon.”

“I have to find another job, my agency can’t get me a job right now”.

“I have 100 paintings on an art online gallery, but have not sold one in the last year”.

Times have changed… (although I doubt very much that the above ever really worked…)
What worked yesterday is long outdated today. So, why don’t you go on your own stage? Today I’m going to give you 7 solid reasons why it’s worth thinking about at least once.

7 good reasons to have your own artist website.

  1. With your own website, you’re on your online stage 24/7.
  2. You are visible to a national & international audience.
  3. Your audience can contact you at any time.
  4. You decide about the design of your online stage by yourself.
  5. You can build long-term trust with your desired audience.
  6. You are independent of all social media & artist platforms.
  7. You can present and sell yourself and your art, at any time, regardless of any external circumstances.

Give your art a face!

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