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Business Mentoring für Artpreneure mit Franziska Sevik - Mentorin, Marketing Expertin & Künstlerin


Business & Marketing Mentoring for Artists

From artist to artpreneur

For all of us, there is this one reason why we exist. You are here to share your talent, your gift and your messages with all of us. It has never been more important than now to proclaim them to the people!

Your art inspires, stimulates and shows. It’s time to get it out there!

Make the necessary connections NOW and HERE to start a meaningful, successful and independent life as an artist with your calling.

Art meets Business

Start your own art business and gain absolute freedom

The mentoring for artists

On the road together – in 6 / 12 or 18 months

✅ Start to shape your life according to your ideas

✅ Take your art to the next level

  • Weekly 1:1 Zoom sessions – (120 min – the week)
  • 12 weeks
  • VIP mail support: feedback to all your questions
  • 1x 1:1 zoom session (45 min.), four to six weeks after the end of our collaboration.

✅ Build a stable and scalable business

✅ Implement individual business choreographies that suit you

✅ Receive 1:1 mentoring & support for your success

✅ Finally live independent and free

Franziska Sevik - Business Mentoring
Franziska Sevik - Themen des Artpreneur Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring Topics


Artpreneur Mindset

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you understand the world and yourself. It influences how you will think, feel and behave in a given situation. With the right mindset, you can master upcoming hurdles and successfully reach your goal.


Positioning is about purposefully creating and highlighting the strengths, meaning, and qualities of your art so that it stands out from other artists’ works and projects.

Personal branding

If there is your art, there is also you, the artist. Personal branding is about the connection & representation of these two components; thoughts, feelings, experiences, expertise, the experience and personality that shape and attract.

Corporate Identity

With the corporate identity we combine all the important features of your art company, which characterize it and distinguish it from the competition by their uniqueness. Go for the unmistakable recognition features of your art.

Online & Offline Stages

Where are you currently visible to your prospects and where would you really like to be in the future? Does the light fit or should it be illuminated better? Together we bring your art messages and art works to the appropriate online & offline stages.

Business Structures

Strategy, structures and processes should always fit together. An organizational structure and its associated process flows must promote, not hinder, the implementation of the respective strategy. Together we develop for your way for your art business.

Sales Structure

As an artist, you are not successful until you can make a living from your art. Unfortunately, this often does not happen on its own. Together we build your distribution channels.

Customer Acquisition

You create outstanding art – now learn how to organically attract new prospects, art lovers and customers on a regular basis.


With marketing, we move into action and open up a series of processes for creating, communicating, delivering and sharing your art messages and artwork.

Scaling & Growth

The start has been made, structures have been implemented and the first successes are visible. Now it’s about maintaining the stability and growth of your art business.

Customer Service

Learn how to satisfy lovers of your art, your customers and attract them to your fan community.

Process Optimization

Your business structures are implemented and the first successes are visible. Now it’s about maintaining the stability and growth of your art business.

About Franziska Sevik

Mentor, Marketing Expert & Artist

About Franziska Sevik Life is art.

Enjoy your calling, your talent and your love as an artist or creative. Dare, go the way and link this extraordinary gift with your life ideas for a free and independent life.

Franziska Sevik, Artist, Mentor & Marketing Expert

In today’s competitive world, talent and passion for an art form are no longer enough to become a successful and recognized artist or creative person.

What is good about your creativity if no one knows you?

How good is the recognition you may have received if you can’t make a living from your art?

Take the step from artist to artpreneur now!

Your path from artist to artpreneur

Your path from artist to artpreneur Schedule a free initial consultation now and apply for mentoring!

1. Your application

The best way to arrange a free phone call is to click on the button below. Leave your contact information and give me a brief overview of you and your art in writing.

2. Telephone call

In a free telephone conversation, we will find out together what your starting situation is and if and how I can best support you to achieve your goals.

3. The path to becoming an artpreneur

Once all possible questions have been clarified, you can immediately start on the path from artist to artpreneur.

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