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Let`s talk about “Commitment”

Commitment – Making a commitment.

Another buzzword, you might think.

But now please be honest:
– What does “commitment” really mean?

Strangely enough, I notice more and more often that the “commitment” is often only valid for some until the first stone is in the way or things don’t run as smoothly as they should. Suddenly the work is too much, the investment too expensive, the partner too exhausting. But why is it so? Do people today only talk about commitments because it is “fashionable” at the moment, or is there really a true, personal commitment behind them?

When I was 4 years old, dancing and playing in front of my stuffed animals, I gave myself the word that one day I would be on stage. After that I would teach dance & acting to other people and support them on their way, that was my big goal and dream at that time.

When I met my partner, I made a commitment to cohesion, loyalty and dedication. When my daughter was born, it was clear to me that I would give her the best start in life that a mother can. To my friends, I promised honesty, support & trust.

Anyone who knows me very well knows what all these commitments have really cost me over the last few years.

And yet, I’m not talking about the numerous dead ends, the tears shed, the years of training, the many job cancellations, the project defeats, or the financial losses. I’m not talking about the moments when I didn’t know how to pay my bills and get through the day. I don’t think about the people who all turned and walked away from me because I didn’t want to go their way.

Because all this plays only a minor role. I look at my commitment. The number of defeats, setbacks or the number of all my attempts are not important.

I look back on my professional successes & awards, long-standing collaborations, my unshakeable friendships, exceptional intercultural experiences, good financial income, my extensively acquired knowledge and my smart and wonderful daughter.

What is commitment for you and what are you willing to give for it?

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