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The Path to Art

You go your own way as an artist. Are you supported by your family, partner and friends?
You will feel it.

Do you act for your art from the depth of your heart or rather from indifference?
You will feel it.

Is someone pretending to be by your side at all times, or is he really there in every situation?
You will feel it.

Is the expression of your art based on deep passion or are you simply working off a theme?
You will feel it.

Does a stranger you’ve never met before give you kind words for you and your art or leave nasty comments?
You will feel it.

Do you give existential value to the people around you or do you rather not care about them?
You will feel it.

Deep down, we know exactly when it is love and when it is not.
We also know that there is nothing in between.

Let us go our way with love.
Our time and energy is too valuable for anything else.

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Give your art a face!

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