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5 Phrases you may overhear as an artist

Many people believe that they need to give others important advice or guidance all the time. But the line between constructive assistance and inappropriate remarks is not infrequently small.

Especially artists, no matter what art they pursue, have to face these remarks and thoughts more often.
They are quickly ridiculed as dreamers, observed suspiciously as lateral thinkers and not always taken seriously. Since artists and creative people are very empathetic and receptive to their environment, dealing with such comments may a bit difficult for them, because it hit deep in the core and often haunts for a long time.

This used to happen to me all the time, too. I often felt pressed, constricted and not understood. I was constantly coming up with reasons and explanations for my actions, because I believed I had to justify myself.

But over the years, I’ve learned to rely on my inner self and respond only to constructive cues. On hints from people who had already walked the path I was walking.

As an artist, you can ignore these 5 sentences without further ado;

  1. Being an artist is not a profession!
  2. To be successful as an artist, you must have studied!
  3. Today, no one needs art anymore!
  4. You never make enough money with art. Find a primary job.
  5. As an artist you will only be successful with an agency.

On the way, with your artistic activity or the desire for it, you may meet with incomprehension, but don’t let yourself get involved or probably unsettled. Save your energy and use it profitably for yourself instead.

Protect the belief in yourself and your abilities. Set your goals and go after them.

You can do it, I believe in you!

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Give your art a face!

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